New England Camera Club Council™

NECCC is as a nonprofit umbrella group for camera clubs located in the states of ME, NH, VT, MA, RI and CT.

Recorded Commentary Service Application

Recorded Commentary Service Form

Type of Commentary – Complete only one section

Commentary only

Commentator will make constructive comments on the images submitted but will not show any examples to demonstrate his or her suggestions.

Commentary and Adjustments

Commentator may make adjustments to selected images submitted to better demonstrate the results of the suggested enhancements of your members’ images and include those adjusted images with the returned commentary. The choice of which images are used is up to the Commentator.

Commentary, Adjustments and Adjustment Steps

Commentator will make adjustments to images submitted to better demonstrate the results of the suggested enhancements of your members’ images and include those adjusted images with the returned commentary. In addition to the final adjusted images, the commentary will include intermediate screen captures of the steps used to create the final image or recording of the steps as a video. In addition to the JPG images, uncropped raw or psd images are preferred for maximum learning potential. Such images will allow more meaningful instructions and guidance by this type commentary because the images will have more pixels to work with. NOTE: Tutorials can be created with jpeg images. The steps will be comparable but the results may not be as strong. If the image is already a jpeg, converting it back to a PSD will not fully restore quality for the commentator to work with. There is no way to fully recover the pixels that were thrown away during the process to create the jpeg. Tutorials will be based on using Photoshop CS6 or CC, Lightroom 4, 5 and 6, and assorted plug-ins. The tutorials can also be more beneficial to your members if you identify the platform (Windows or MAC) each member uses. Tutorial type commentaries could be 1½ hours to 2 hours long.

NOTE: This full tutorial style of commentary is considered a good learning tool that NECCC would like to share with other Clubs. Please sign below if the members of your club are willing to have the full tutorial commentary made available to other NECCC clubs. No club will get to see the tutorial in the same season it was seen by your club.

Director will send you the name and address of the commentator. Please be courteous to your commentator and submit all images to the commentator at one time. Please do not submit the images piece-meal. DO NOT PROVIDE IMAGES TO THE COMMENTATOR UNTIL NOTIFIED BY THE DIRECTOR OF WHERE TO SEND THEM Please send the Director, Shiv Verma, FPSA, MNEC an email at notifying him that the images have been sent to the commentator.
  1. Commentary will be provided to the club using Dropbox and should be playable on either MAC or WINDOWS platforms.
  2. Allow at least eight weeks lead time; two weeks for the Director to arrange for a commentator and notify you who it is and another six weeks after you are notified who the commentator is between the time the images are mailed to the commentator to the time your club intends to use the commentary. This will insure that your commentator will have at least four weeks to work on the commentary and still allow plenty of time for uploading. The more time you give, the better the commentator can do with the commentary. Do not send any images with the application!
  3. PLEASE NOTE: several of the people recruited as commentators are usually not avail-able in the last three weeks of September and the first two weeks of October. If the Director cannot find a commentator for commentary during that period, he will request you for an alternate date.
  4. All images for the commentary only or the commentary with examples should submitted as psds or jpegs and sized for 1400 pixels x 1050 pixels. Images in commentaries that include adjusted images will be jpeg images in the same size format.
  5. Image filenames should start with numbers to put them in the proper order for the Commentator. Suggested filenames are nn-image title-maker name.jpg.
  6. Enclose a list for the Commentator indicating the number, title, and maker’s name written in full. This will aid him/her in making out any award ribbons.
  7. Most Commentators will record the commentary on their computers and will provide the commentary via Dropbox.
  8. Please do not ask for this service where the Commentator would need to prepare his or her comments in December. It’s almost impossible to get a Commentator for December. Please give the Director plenty of advance notice when using this service.
  9. Please do not submit this application until you have a commitment from your members for the necessary images. Only club members who are willing to have someone else edit their images should submit images for commentary.
  10. These commentaries are intended as educational opportunities and not competitions. Images should be submitted with that in mind.

For security verification, please enter any random two digit number. For example: 91