New England Camera Club Council™

NECCC is as a nonprofit umbrella group for camera clubs located in the states of ME, NH, VT, MA, RI and CT.

Scholarship Program Application

Scholarship Program Form

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If a senior

The applicant should submit current letters of recommendation, references and other such statements concerning work, school and professional achievements. These should be from teachers, professors, clergy and other associates who know and have worked with the applicant.
A letter written by the applicant should be submitted. This letter should tell us about you, the student — what you have done in the photographic field, what you have done academically, what your goals are, how you plan to achieve them and what other interests you may have. We would like to get some insight about the applicant through this letter.
Submit a statement, attested to by an official of the school being attended, declaring that the student has been accepted into the degree program and what degree will be conferred.
Submit a brief statement of need for financial assistance. Do not submit family income, tax statements or other confidential information.
Please submit 15 to 20 images of your work so we can review a mini-portfolio of your work. Images you send should be of the quality you would send to a prospective employer. They should show your skills as a photographer, your interests and your creativity. Individual images should not exceed 500K.

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